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Our Spirit

We’re beder and we’re 100% travel! Travelling is the way we feel free and connect with ourselves. Travelling is our natural state.

We’re passionateabout the world we live in. We’re the ones who can’t sleep the night before catching a flight because of the excitement of it. We’re of the opinion that a city is discovered by getting lost in it; we know that unique flavours are found in authentic places. We believe that to connect with a place you need to surround yourself with local people, that travelling forges the strongest bonds.

We’re the ones constantly searching for breathtaking beaches and landscapes , those who chase for the most stunning sunsets . We’re those who love wandering through inhospitable roadsand adore spending their days in the deepest.

Travelling is not what we do, it is what we are. We want to bring the world closer to you so that you live and enjoy it to the fullest.


Our Values

Those that form our spirit and determine who we are

Explore without limits

We only have one life and we’re determined to live it. We’re ready to discover the unimaginable, to meet surprising people, to enjoy the present moment, by exploring every instant to the fullest.

In our own way

We think that the essence of travelling resides in enjoying the journey, without insecurities and in our own way.

Growing our passion

We’re moved by curiosity and we’re convinced that discovering the world enriches and makes us grow.


Our Story

beder was born in Barcelona, around 2020, when COVID hit the world and travelling was “forbidden.”

Picture four travel mates, beer in hand, remembering past experiences and dreaming of travelling again. Some philosophical talks about our shared trips later, we realized that something had to change…

So we said, enough! Enough of having 20 different tabs open on Google, with so many blogs and images which we don’t know the location of. Enough of endless texts and offers with prices all over. Instagram and TikTok help, but they’re not made to discover a place in a practical and useful way.

That’s where beder started to take shape.

We didn’t know at the time, but soon we’d leave our jobs. We’d talk to hundreds of travellers and stay up until the wee hours of the morning… building an App made by and for travellers. An App that, we hope, will help you discover the world and what to do at your next destination, and to live experiences that match who we are.

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