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Soaring Above Marrakech: A Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Hot Air Ballooning is adventure one must experience. Furthermore, this blog unravels everything you need to know to go on a ride on your next visit to Marrakech

MARCH 15, 2024


An excursion in a hot air balloon is unquestionably something to think about while visiting Marrakech.Visitors can soar over the breath-taking Moroccan countryside, Atlas Mountains, Berber communities, and the desert landscape below. You’ll have the chance to partake in a typical Berber breakfast and learn about the community. All things considered, a hot air balloon flight is a must-do experience for everyone traveling to Marrakech.

Booking and Preparation

There are multiple Hot Air Balloon experiences one could book. Ranging from a classic shared balloon ride, balloon ride over the north of Marrakech, or balloon ride over Marrakech with traditional breakfast. These experiences could be booked directly through this blog. Alternatively, you can visit our Marrakech page to have a look for yourself.

As for preparation, listed below are the essential safety precautions to consider prior to the ride. Check the weather conditions: It is essential to ensure that the weather conditions are suitable for a hot air balloon ride. High winds, rain, or thunderstorms can pose a risk to the safety of the flight.

1 - Choose a reputable operator: Select a hot air balloon ride operator that has a good safety record, is licensed, and follows all the necessary safety regulations.

2 - Wear appropriate clothing: Passengers should wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for the conditions. Avoid wearing loose or flowing clothing that could get caught on something during the flight.

3 - Attend the pre-flight safety briefing: Passengers attend a pre-flight safety briefing, where they will learn about the safety procedures, including how to enter and exit the balloon basket, how to brace for landing, and how to use the safety equipment on board.

4 - Avoid wearing expensive/loose jewellery.

5 - Tie your phone to a phone holder and put it around your neck to avoid your phone falling during flight, and it’s also a safer way to take photos.

Departure and Ascent

Consequently, during a hot air balloon ride in Marrakech, passengers can expect to experience a peaceful and scenic ascent into the sky. As the balloon rises, passengers feel a gentle sway as the balloon drifts along with the wind currents. Moreover, The views from the balloon will be spectacular, providing a unique perspective of Marrakech and the surrounding landscape. Ultimately, Passengers will also feel the warmth of the balloon’s burner as it is periodically fired to maintain altitude. The entire experience is generally very serene and tranquil, making it a popular activity for those looking to enjoy a peaceful adventure.


The duration of a hot air balloon ride in Marrakech can vary depending on the specific tour company and package chosen, as well as weather conditions.

Generally, hot air balloon rides in Marrakech last an one hour. Including time for the ascent, the flight itself, and the descent.

However, passengers should plan for additional time before and after the flight. Considering things like safety instructions, balloon inflation, and transportation to and from the launch site.

Depending on each tour, the ride is scheduled for either sunrise or sunset. Therefore it is essential to check before booking. Usually the sunrise tours offer an optional traditional Berber breakfast post ride.

On the contrary, the Sunset tours offer an optional traditional Berber dinner to enjoy the evening and head back to your place of stay.

Landing and Celebration

Finally, the balloon descends gradually and lands smoothly with the help of the crew by controlling the amount of heat in the balloon envelope. By reducing the heat, the balloon gradually cools down and the air inside the envelope starts to cool and become denser.

This causes the balloon to slowly descend towards the ground. The pilot and crew will carefully choose a landing spot based on wind conditions and available landing areas.

During landing, the crew will direct passengers on how to take the landing position. Usually squatting down with their backs against the basket. The landing itself is typically very smooth and the crew will use ropes and sandbags to help stabilize the basket and prevent it from tipping over.

As previously mentioned, most hot air balloon tours near Marrakech offer a traditional breakfast post sunrise in Berber camps.

In conclusion, the hot air balloon ride is a highly recommended activity for any first timers visiting Marrakech, it provides unimaginable views of the Atlas Mountain range, as well as a unique perspective on Marrakech and the surrounding landscapes.

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